N263 Billion Fraud:Senate insist on Probing Secure Anchorage Area

N263 Billion Fraud:Senate insist on Probing Secure Anchorage Area

The Senate has described as irreversible its decision to investigate alleged financial infractions by security outfits at the Lagos ports worth about N263 billion.

It had last week directed its committees on Navy, Marine Transport and Finance to investigate the activities of Messrs OMSL and other security agencies at the Safe Anchorage Area in the ports over the alleged misdeeds.

But amid concerns that the investigation might suffer setbacks for lack of initial consultations, the leadership of the Senate has reportedly charged its joint committee to continue the probe.

The NPA suspended the OMSL multi-million dollars contract at the ports based on the directive of the Senate, which has also commenced a probe of its activities, the NPA had issued a Marine Notice No 5 of 2019 to the firm. The Marine Notice is a restriction placed by the Harbour Master informing mariners to navigate freely in the Secured Anchorage Area of the ports.

The notice essentially divests the OMSL of its contractual rights to collect levies from ocean-going vessels around the ports of Lagos.

Meanwhile, the Ocean Marine Solutions Limited, a maritime security company, has threatened legal action if the Nigerian Ports Authority fails to rescind its order suspending its security contract at the Lagos ports.

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